Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Britney Henry Project

Britney Henry - Olympic Hopeful

There was dew on the grass at 8 am when Britney Henry stepped into the hammer ring at at the Arco Olympic Training Center. She trains there six days a week, hoping to earn her spot on the US Track and Field Team and compete in the 2012 Olympics. The field was empty and quiet that morning, the sound broken only by the slap of feet on the concrete ring, Britney' s powerful yell propelling the 8.8 pound hammer 220 feet down field, and the deep thud as the hammer smashes craters into the dirt.

The Britney Henry Project inaugurated their launch with a photo shoot at the Arco Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California on Sunday, November 15th 2009.

Team Members:
  1. Britney Henry - Olympic hopeful, Hammer Throw
  2. Andrei Booriakin - DSLR film maker
  3. Brent Haywood - still photographer
  4. Graham Smith - illustrator / designer
  5. Dawn Vitale - web marketing
  6. Christoph Biehn - DSLR film maker, second unit
  7. Jay Lomahan - still photographer, second unit

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