Monday, December 27, 2010

Britney Henry Video at Mt SAC Relays 2010

MT SAC Relays 2010 from Andrei Booriakin on Vimeo.

Watch Britney Henry, the Hammer, compete against the best athletes in the world at the 2010 Mt. SAC Relays.

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The Mount San Antonio College Relays 2010 is an international, invitational Track and Field meet held at the beginning of the Track and Field competition season each year, in Walnut California.

The Elite Athletes, fresh out of winter training, see this competition as their first chance to test new techniques and to see how they measure up against each other.

The 2010 Women's Hammer throw featured the best hammer throwers throughout the America's and Canada for their International Distance Carnival. Watch Olympic Hopeful, Britney Henry compete against the most experienced and highly ranked athletes in the field.

Representing the United States of America are Erin Gilreath (American Record Holder), Amber Campbell (USA National Champion), Loree Smith (Bejing Olympics 2008) and Britney Henry (rising star) vs international athletes Sultana Frizell (Canadian National Champion) and Eva Orban of Hungary.

 About the Video >>
The Britney Henry Project photographers and film makers were granted Press Credentials to cover the Mt SAC Relays and to film Elite Athlete Britney Henry in competition. We created this video to promote Britney Henry and her dream of becoming an Olympian in 2012

Film maker Andrei Booriakin filmed and edited "Mt SAC Relays 2010" as his first installment of a high definition video series for The Britney Henry Project.  This video was filmed with a Canon 5D MK2,  and Canon 7D and edited on an 8 core Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, Motion and other software. Andrei currently works as the Senior Manager, Art Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Mark Matcho, illustrator and musician extraordinaire, wrote, performed and produced the original score for this video, entitled Mountain III. His private recording studio is located deep in a cave somewhere in Pasadena, California.

See More >>
American Woman Video by Andrei Booriakin and Graham Smith. A rocking 30 music video featuring Britney Henry throwing the hammer.

Behind the scenes photos by photographer Teresa Heath document the day in the most beautiful way.

Mt. SAC Relays photos and portraits
of the Elite Athletes by Graham Smith, can be seen here.

Read Britney's account of the day on her blog Olympian in Progress.

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Mt SAC Relays 2010. Copyright © 2010 The Britney Henry Project. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Britney Henry
“And if you look at your reflection, Is it all you want it to be?” 
NIN - Right Where It Belongs.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Britney Henry Interview by USATFF

The United States of America Track and Field Foundation spoke a bit with elite athlete Britney Henry about throwing the hammer and her personal background. Interview here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Under Armour Swag

Under Armour is an official Britney Henry fan.  A giant box of their latest hi-tech apparel surprised Britney while she was competing on the European Tour this summer. Under Armour gave Britney a wonderful gift of their hi tech apparel to wear while she works out - everything was colored PINK or BLACK, Britney's favorite colors.

Thanks for supporting a young athlete's dream!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Portrait of a Champion

Britney Henry - The Hammer: Brent Haywood Photography

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Britney Henry the Rising Star

For Immediate Release. Written by Steve Corman, Graham Smith. Photo by Brent Haywood. Questions? Contact: Graham Smith. Phone: (619) 229-8746 The Britney Henry Project

San Diego, CA – 2010 is Britney Henry's breakout year. Dedication and persistence earned her place as the # 2 Women's Hammer Thrower in the U.S.A, and 14th in the world, according to the IAAF Top Rank List.

Britney Henry throws the hammer 5 meters farther now than in the beginning of the 2010 season. Her eyes are firmly set on making the American team for the 2012 Summer Olympics, especially after a few first place finishes and throwing a 71.27 meter, personal record, at the Tucson Elite, earlier this year.

“I work out six days a week at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista,” Henry explains, adding, "And during the summer, I either travel all over, competing in Track and Field Meets, work with the Padre's, or hang out with family."

Britney's success continued into the virtual world as well. This spring, The Britney Henry Project Blog was a 2010 Influence SD "Blog of the Year" finalist. Britney Henry was interviewed on the red carpet while enjoying the gala awards ceremony with her friends, and grandmother, Britney's biggest supporter.

The USA Track and Field Foundation became a supporter this year, awarding Britney Henry a very generous Elite Athlete Grant.


Britney Henry was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up in San Diego, where she went to grammar school until 3rd grade, eventually attending Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane, Washington.

• “I was a pretty good athlete and enjoyed softball most of all,” she explains. “I played catcher for a number of years and loved being involved with every pitch. Later, I discovered track."

• Britney broke the Washington state record with a hammer throw of 166 feet her senior year of high school.

• Southeast Louisiana State University, immediately offered her a scholarship. She accepted.

• "During that year I improved my throws to 205 feet,” Britney says, who moved to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge her sophomore year.

• “Before I knew it, I was recruited by the University of Oregon", a perennial track and field powerhouse, "My coach there was Lance Deal, the men’s silver medalist in the men’s hammer throw at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia”.

• Britney was a standout at University of Oregon, winning the Pac 10 Conference title in 2007 and finishing 5th in the NCAA Championship meet, held at Stanford. She was an NCAA All-American that year and her throws began regularly surpassing 220 feet.

• “Britney is one of the most determined and tenacious young athletes I’ve ever worked with. It’s a pleasure to see her drive and desire,” Coach Lance Deal explains.

• She also works with her former Olympic Training Center coach, Dan Pfaff, who now lives in England. He currently writes her workouts, communicating regularly by e-mail.

• Britney graduated from University of Oregon in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and a minor in business.

• Britney works part-time in ticket sales and community outreach for the San Diego Padres baseball team.

• “I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with such a great organization. I hope to mentor young women interested in doing what I’ve done. It’s always great to give back,” she adds.

• "I love to throw far and win. It’s what I try to do each time I go out and compete,” she concludes.

2010 Track and Field Season
  • USA Nationals 69.57
  • California Relays 70.23 (meters)

  • Tucson Elite 71.27

  • Tucson Elite 68.15

  • Oregon Twilight 65.13

  • Drake Relays 65.30

  • Mt. SAC 69.51

  • Texas Relays 67.96

  • Oregon Preview 66.11

IAAF Top List Ranking

Britney Henry:
World #14
USA # 2


Britney Henry is active in her own promotion, is a frequent blogger. She works together with The Britney Henry Project, the A list creative group creating promotional materials for Britney. An Emmy Award winning writer, an illustrator, platinum record selling musician, award winning photographers, a web marketer and film maker all donate their crafts in support of Britney's goal. The Olympics in 2012.

The Britney Henry Project creates the look of Britney's brand, creates blogs, photos, videos and promotes her efforts online through her social media network, on Twitter, her Facebook fan page, Vimeo, Youtube, web-a-zine on Issuu, and through 2 blogs, Olympian in Progress and The Britney Henry Project.

Teaser Video: released online early this year on Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. The 30 second, high-definition music video, featuring Britney Henry throwing hammer at the Olympic Training Center, was shot utilizing cutting edge Canon DSLR cameras and edited on a Mac Pro by Andrei Borriakin, Art Director at Sony Online Entertainment. The video is set to a driving rock remix of "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz.

The Mt. SAC Relays 2010 Video: Currently in production. 3:15 minute high-definition music video, featuring Britney Henry competing against the best international hammer throwers from Mexico, Canada and the USA. Original score by Mark Matcho, the platinum record selling, original bassist of White Zombie.

The Britney Henry Project Blog: 2010 Influence SD "Blog of the Year" Finalist.

Photography: Britney has done 3 major photo shoots this year: Olympic Training Center, MT San Antonio College Relays, and a studio session with Brent Haywood. The Britney Henry Project maintains a large library of hi re images for use in her promotion.

Olympian in Progress: Britney shares her personal experience training and competing at the elite level on her blog, Olympian in Progress.



517 fans and growing daily.


USATFF Elite Athlete Grant
The Britney Henry Project

Britney Henry is currently seeking additional sponsors. Please contact Dawn Vitale for sponsorship information.

Be sure to check out Britney's Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes @ the Mt SAC Relays

How hard can it be to follow someone around with your camera? That was my task last month at the Mt. SAC Relays. I was invited by The Britney Henry Project to document Britney Henry throwing the hammer at this international competition. All I had to do was photograph her day. It was tougher than I thought it would be.

First off, it was sunny and hazy which made for a really bright sky and ground, not the most ideal light to shoot in. Then there are all the specifics with shooting sports photography, like fast shutter speed to freeze motion, positioning yourself properly for the action (which includes staying out of the way of fans and out of harms way), and plain ol' luck to get "the shot". All the above factored in to make for a challenging shoot for me.

The hardest part was worrying about Britney's personal space. When someone is in the midst of getting their game face on, you don't want to break that focus by being a nuisance. I think some of the more engaging shots would have been when she was mentally preparing herself for her throws. But, I was too timid to get in her space to capture them. I shoot with a 24-70mm lens which requires that I'm up in your face; and I wasn't comfortable with that. I would have preferred a longer lens. But, hey! No new toys until I get a little better!

I mentioned positioning being a concern. When we first arrived on the scene, I cruised right up to the hammer ring, got on my tummy, and put the lens right under the woven safety net. Prime location, out of the way of viewers and close to the action. I did a couple test shots to get my shutter speed down, then stepped back to wait for Britney. During the down time, I had the opportunity to watch hammer throw technique and movement to see how I might approach shooting. I was brought out of my mental banter by a loud *BOOOooNG*- the sound of someone throwing a foul and hitting the very pole I had my head next to. My head could have been there! I had to rethink my location. Who am I kidding? I went back to the same spot to photograph my cousin, this time with my head placed a little more behind the pole. The sacrifices I make! ; )

I'm thrilled to be working with The Britney Henry Project. The collaboration of artists shows her journey toward her goal of making the U.S. Olympic Team. I'm honored to be able to support her in such a unique way. I just hope I can get more shots of her being amazing.

Andrei Booriakan taking some footage of Britney's warm-up.

Graham Smith working that angle to get the shot.

Dawn Vitale securing the gear. We sure did have alot!

Shenandoah helped measure the throws. She was wonderful to allow us in her space to do our thing.

Britney getting ready for a warm-up throw.

Good thing Andrei is limber.

Britney focusing for a competition throw.

Britney's hammer was the easiest shot of the day. It was in the shade and stationary.

More on this story can be found @ Teresa's Photo Blog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mt SAC Relays

The Britney Henry Project media team drove up to the Mt. San Antonio College Relays last week. We shot photos and video of Britney Henry and the elite athletes competing in this international event.

Britney Henry

Through the net

Britney Henry getting psyched before the meet.

Britney likes to do 2 warm up throws before each meet.

Loree Smith's warm up throw.

Megann VanderVliet Rodhe

Amber Campbell has a great warm up routine.

Erin Gilreath, American record holder.

Loree Smith

Erin Gilreath on deck.

Loree Smith prepares to throw.

Canadian record holder, Sultana Frizell.

Sultana Frizell

Britney Henry's 69.51 meter throw.

Elite athletes on deck.

Shenandoah and the official measures each distance carefully.

Amber Campbell threw 3 over 70 meters to win the day.

Sultana Frizell earned second place.

Britney Henry locked down third place.

Megann VanderVliet Rodhe, from Canada PR'd by more than 2 meters!

Loree Smith

Kibwé Johnson

Read Britney's account of the day on her blog "Olympian in Progress".

Official results are posted here.

Photos: Graham Smith. Canon 400D. EF-S 55 - 250mm, EF-S 18 - 55mm.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Influence SD Social Media Awards

Our blog, The Britney Henry Project was a finalist, nominated for "Blog of the Year" in the first ever Influence SD Social Media Awards. Our category was for blogs about San Diego, authored by a group of people, so a big thanks to The Britney Henry Project media team and to Influence SD for throwing a great party.

Kara Patterson (Javelin), Dawn Vitale (Web Promo), Britney Henry (Hammer) and Grandma all enjoyed the red carpet.

Everyone twittered and Facebooked all night.

Best Friends Kara Patterson and Britney Henry mingled with the crowd.

Musician and local star Krs Justice entertained the crowd then stopped by the table to charm the girls.

Awards were handed out.

Sam -the - Cooking - Guy had everyone laughing.

Dawn Vitale enjoyed twitter-tini's, music and fun while organizing all the online promotions.

Special thanks goes out to The Britney Henry Project media team members: Andrei Booriakin (DSLR video), Brent Haywood (photography), Britney Henry (writer, hammer), Dawn Vitale (web promo), Graham Smith (illustration/design), Mark Matcho (music) and Steve Corman (writer) for their contributions.

You can read more about the awards night on Britney's blog "Olympian in Progress" or Kara Patterson's newly minted blog "Javelin Journal".

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