The Britney Henry Project is a media team dedicated to creating the media assets used to promote Britney Henry and her effort to earn a spot on the USA Olympic team. The Britney Henry Project team members are all working professionals who donate their time and craft in support of Britney's dream.
                                          Team Members:

Graham Smith: Organizer

Graham Smith is the organizer of The Britney Henry Project, creating this blog, illustrations, photos and designs to facilitate the promotion of Britney Henry, and the team members work she inspires. Graham Smith's illustration work is published in Rolling Stone, ESPN magazine, Paste and The Wall Street Journal.

Website: Illustration  Blog: Inkdrawing

Andrei Booriakin: Film Maker 

Andrei Booriakin was born on the steppes of Russia, was raised on pickles, home made vodka and borsch. He currently works as the Senior Manager, Art Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America. Andrei is documenting The Britney Henry Project on high definition video with a new 8 core Mac Pro and his trusty Canon 5D MK2,  and Canon 7D.

Video: Vimeo

Brent Haywood: Photographer

Brent Haywood Photography is a full service commercial photography company. Brent Haywood has been an avid photographer since high school turning professional in 2004. Although most of his work is out in the field, he has a small studio for product still life photography in San Diego. Canon 5D Mark II. 

Website: Photography

Teresa Heath: Photographer

Teresa Heath is an avid photographer dedicated to natural light photography and ... Britney's cousin! Nikon shooter.

Website: Photography


Dawn Vitale: Web Marketing

Dawn Vitale is the web marketing guru for The Britney Henry Project. Dawn Vitale is in charge of Britney Henry's web marketing strategy and social media immersion. Her goal is to promote Britney's story on the internet to attract attention, opportunities, support and sponsorship in Britney's effort to become an Olympian.

Website: Hollis Brand Culture

Mark Matcho: Music 

Mark Matcho is an illustrator, and a platinum record selling musician, currently working from his studio is Pasadena California. Mark creates original soundtracks for the Britney Henry Projects videos.

Website: Illustration

Steve Corman: Writer

Steve Corman has enjoyed a solid career as a television news and sports producer / writer, primarily with NBC, in both Chicago and San Diego. With it have come numerous awards, including 8 Emmys. Steve Corman is the official writer for The Britney Henry Project.
Contact: Steve Corman

 Tim Mantoani: Photographer

Tim Mantoani is a photographer with a love of sports. You can see his work on the current cover of EA Sports NFL video game "Madden 12".

Website: Photography


Geoff Scott: Photographer

Geoff Scott makes digital tools for artists at Adobe Systems, Nik Software, Amazon, and Totally Rad. An enthusiastic photographer, he also enjoys teaching others the ways to effectively use those tools.

Website: Photography
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